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  • Rebecca Vickery

    Rebecca Vickery

    Data Scientist | Writer, Speaker, Founder DatAcademy | www.rebecca-vickery.com | www.linkedin.com/in/rebecca-vickery

  • Destin Gong

    Destin Gong

    On my way to become a data storyteller | Website: www.visual-design.net

  • Gaurav Agrawal

    Gaurav Agrawal

    Telegram @gaurav_zen , Editor — Coinmonks publication (medium.com/coinmonks) and working on (https://coincodecap.com)

  • Shivam Chaudhary

    Shivam Chaudhary

    Just another dumb guy screaming ML at the top of his lungs. Oh! And I love GANs!!

  • Susan Li

    Susan Li

    Changing the world, one post at a time. Sr Data Scientist, Toronto Canada. https://www.linkedin.com/in/susanli/

  • Dr. Varshita Sher

    Dr. Varshita Sher

    Data Scientist @ Alan Turing Institute | Explain like I am 5 | Oxford & SFU Alumni | https://podurama.com

  • Kartik Hosanagar

    Kartik Hosanagar

    Founder jumpcutmedia.com. Wharton Prof. Author: A Human’s Guide to Machine Intelligence. Faculty lead ai.wharton.upenn.edu. Fmr cofounder @Yodle (acq Web).

  • yuvipanda


    Just some dude. He / Him

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